Workshop 16 is a product engineering consultancy, specializing in design innovation and rapid realization.  We excel at designing and fabricating quick-turn prototypes for trade shows and feasibility studies, as well as developing technology for mid to high-volume production. 

In 2009, we started the company with the idea that product development is about providing great service in addition to technical solutions. This means making sure that our clients are not only happy with the products we design, but also making sure that they feel good about the process of getting there.

Workshop 16 calls on a team of engineering and manufacturing resources with expertise in all aspects of product development, including industrial design, mechanical, electrical, firmware engineering and design for manufacturing. We’ve worked with some of the largest companies in the world as well as some of the smallest startups.

Our Process

Whether we are designing a single prototype to help you raise funding, or we are developing a product that will be manufactured in high volume overseas, we give every project our full attention. All projects are different but each one requires one, or more, of the following phases:


We sit down with our client and review all the requirements, preferences, and goals for the project. From there we investigate the different ways to address the needs of the project, maybe even fabricate simple prototypes, in order to provide the client with well-vetted options. The end result is a review with the client to consider the pros and cons of the different paths ahead.


Once the we select an architecture suitable to the project, the detailed engineering can begin. The basic cycle is design, prototype, test, and refine. Some projects only need a single cycle, some might require three or more. Regular check-ins, design reviews, and even weekly status reports are all ways for clients to stay involved in the development process. No matter what, the goal is to make sure that the client feels confident about the design.


Many of our projects go on to manufacturing. This could mean that 50 units need to be built, or it could mean 50,000. No matter what, we make sure our designs are ready. We identify our manufacturing partners as early as possible and work with them to make sure our designs can be made using the right materials and processes to suit the needs of the client.

We work with our clients’ budgets and schedules to help them find the right manufacturing partners. We can get your products made locally or overseas. We can work with your preferred vendors or provide you with trusted resources from around the world that we’ve worked with for years. We can offer support during manufacturing to ensure that products are being made correctly and tested properly.

jed mccann

mechanical engineer, founder of workshop 16

Jed’s expertise is in mechanical engineering and manufacturing. Since 1997 he has worked in product development, helping to launch everything from wearable health devices to satellites. He has held a number of roles, including engineer, project manager, program lead, and Director of Product Development at two different companies. Jed has an MS in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from Stanford and BS in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley.